May your Vipassana course prove most beneficial to you.With best wishes for a successful Vipassana course, please read the following information carefully before applying. 

10-Day Course is the introductory course to Vipassana Meditation, where the techniques are taught step-by-step each day. 

Vipassana is a simple and practical technique to achieve real peace of mind, enabling one to lead a happy, wholesome life. It is a logical process of mental purification through self-introspection. Although Vipassana is an essential part of Buddha's teaching, it contains nothing of a sectarian nature, and can be accepted and applied in life by people of any background. Buddha himself taught Dhamma (the way, the truth, the path). He did not call his followers "Buddhists"; he referred to them as "Dhammists" (those who follow the truth). The technique works on the basis that problems faced by all human beings can only be eradicated with a pragmatic method which can be universally practiced.

Vipassana courses are open to anyone over 18 sincerely wishing to learn the technique. Before applying for a course, please read the “Introduction to the Technique and Code of Discipline for Meditation Courses” carefully. Make sure that you are able to sit the full course, follow the daily timetable, and observe all the percepts and disciplines cautiously. Only thus can you get the best benefits from a Vipassana course.

After completing a 10-day course, you will have access to the Old Student website.

Anapana Courses for Children and Teens are held for all children aged from 8 years old who wish to learn to meditate and for Teenagers.  In these courses they learn Anapana meditation (Awareness of respiration) in short session of 30 minutes alternated with rest periods with playful activities. At the beginning of the course the children are asked to take the five precepts, as a base for moral conduct.

Course Finances

All courses are run solely on a donation basis. All expenses are met by donations from those who have completed a course, experienced the benefits of Vipassana, and wish to give others the opportunity to also benefit. Neither the Teacher nor the assistant teachers receive remuneration; they and those who serve the courses volunteer their time. Thus Vipassana is free from any commercialism.
Old students may give their DONATION in the Old Student website.

Courses in Taiwan

  • Courses in Dhammodaya
  • Courses in Dhamma Vikasa
  • Courses for children and teenagers
  • 1-Day courses for old students, held in several places in Taiwan
    Please check Old Student website for further information

Courses Worldwide

Vipassana courses as taught by S.N. Goenka are held all around the world. Please check International Vipassana Website.

Requirements for Old Student Courses

Click here for the course requirements for old student courses.